Why Brand Names are more important — and valuable — today

A recent report highlights the fact that a good brand is worth more to consumers — and to companies — than ever before.

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Brand names. We know them. We gravitate towards them. We rely on them. We buy them. And yes, we draw part of our own identity from the brands we wear, the brands we use, the brands we drive, and the brands we own. Because of all of this, brands have great value to companies. And today, that value is simply greater than ever before — much, much greater!In fact today, a company’s brand name alone can be worth hundreds of billions of dollars — or even more — to a well-positioned firm.

The data analyst firm, , recently put…

Will Free College Tuition Soon Be Coming from Your Employer?

Walmart has announced that all of its employees will now be eligible to have their college expenses 100% paid. Here’s what this means for companies and for colleges.

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Talk about a “game changer!” has made headlines by announcing that the retail giant will now offer all of its approximately 1.5 million employees — part-time and full-time workers from the front lines to the top of the organization — the ability to go to college for free!

Now admittedly, the headline might be garnering just a little more attention than it really deserves, as the program is not entirely new. In fact, Walmart has been offering its “ “ program to its employees (associates) for 3 years.

Under the way the Live Better U…

New research shows just how big the LGBTQ+ market is today — and how big it will likely be in the future.

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LGBTQ+. If you don’t know what this acronym stands for and you are in marketing today, you need to learn — and learn quickly — about the LGBTQ+ demographic. “LGBTQ” The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (or alternatively, the “Q” is taken by some to stand for “questioning”). The “plus” mark is today widely understood to represent “” including those who identify as “” (those having attractions to others regardless of gender) and/or having “” (those having both a masculine and a feminine spirit).

Why more and more Americans are unhappy with their jobs

A recent major national survey paints a disturbing picture of Americans’ negative attitudes toward their jobs. Here’s a look at what this means for employers today and what can be done about the “unhappy worker.”

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Introduction: The New Normal of Work

All is back to normal — at least, sort of. We’re going back to work. We’re eating out again. We’re traveling again. We’re going back to sporting events, concerts, and more. And soon, the kids will be going back to school. …

An important lesson on how language can be used for good — or manipulated — in marketing and other forms of communication

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“Shark attacks.” Those two words likely raise fear and blood pressure levels in just about everyone today. From the 24/7 news coverage of any shark bite to the treatment of sharks in popular culture, we have both a fascination with sharks and — based on very real statistics — an undue fear of sharks. But what if the phrase “shark attack” could be retired and replaced with new, more realistic and less-threatening wording? This rebranding experiment is going on today in Australia, and it has lessons for everyone involved in marketing and public relations around the world.

An entire crew at a Burger King in Lincoln, Nebraska quit their jobs all at once, leaving no one to run the store. Here’s what this act might portend for companies large and small alike.

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It is probably one of the most common fantasies amongst many workers today. No, we’re not talking about that kind of fantasy! Rather, we’re talking about the desire that many workers hold, either in the front or the recesses of their minds, to not just quit their jobs, but to quit in a spectacular way — a way that “sticks it to the man” (or woman) as the case may be for their boss, or maybe even in a way that sticks it to the entire company. …

How Amazon dominates one of retail’s most important seasons — again! And how physical retailers can and must compete to keep this parental shopping tradition alive today

Empty shopping cart
Empty shopping cart
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Ah, back-to-school shopping! It is a ritual of parental life that in most years draws groans from Moms and Dads across the land. However, this year, after a year of school being mostly online and kids being at home, many observers — both experts and parental alike — have commented that this back-to-school shopping could be “yuge” as parents look forward to actually sending their kids back to a physical school!

Too often, we look at coronavirus statistics as numbers, not people, and that is to our collective detriment

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Economics has often been referred to as the “dismal science.” That label actually to a very gloomy outlook that some economists held in the 19th Century on slavery (that it had fostered economic growth [yeah, but…]), on the nature of man (basically that we’re all the same), and on population growth (that it would always outstrip food production, meaning that poverty, hunger and hardship were inevitable and intractable).

And yes, being a strategic management professor and consultant, I have had the chance to work with “forensic economists,” whose is to apply economic principles to determine…

It may be crass, and it may even offend some, but a group of prominent rappers has created what is the best vaccine ad yet with their music!


What is effective marketing? In a nutshell, it is marketing that works! Marketing messages that make people actually buy something or persuade people to do something are the best kind! Sure, marketers and advertising agencies can create messages that make people feel good (especially the executives paying for the marketing) and/or win awards, but marketing messages always — always — have a simple bottom-line: Do they work?

Today, we are facing a social marketing dilemma for the ages in the United States. Turn on the news today and you will quickly learn that we have a significant portion of…

Surveys show that the majority of podcast listeners routinely skip through the ads embedded in podcasts. Is this just a given, or can there be an effective workaround for podcasters and their advertisers?

Achilles statue
Achilles statue
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Here’s a very real marketing and advertising conundrum. Podcasting is a fast-growing medium, drawing new listeners each and every day. According to the most recent research on the podcasting market, there are now over 100 million regular podcast listeners in the U.S. (See Figure 1: Podcast Listening in the United States, 2006–2021 below). In simple math, this means that 1 out of 2 Americans have listened to a podcast and 1 out of 3 Americans regularly listen to podcasts. …

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David Wyld () is a Professor of Strategic Management at Southeastern Louisiana University. He is a noted business consultant and writer.

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