Solving the Paradox of Teamwork in Today’s College Classroom

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Are consumers ready for sampling free chips, salsa, and chicken nuggets like it’s 2019?

Rows of Costco shopping carts
Rows of Costco shopping carts
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Sure, Medium will always exist, right? But what if it, and the other publications and sites you write for went away? Here’s why — and how — you need to create a digital archive of all of your articles for the future.

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Hint: It’s a long-term problem that can’t be solved just by throwing money at the problem (i.e. hiking starting pay) — though that’s a start!

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Why marketing to seniors works now and will into the future

The latest population figures are out, and contrary to what might be hip, chic, and trendy, the Millennials and Generations Y, Z, or even Alpha are not taking over…yet!

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The Potential Impact of Supersonic Travel 2.0

United Airlines announced it will be the launch customer for the Overture, the first supersonic passenger plane produced since the Concorde. How might this new aircraft change the travel industry moving forward?

Source: Boom (Used with permission)

Retail brands find themselves increasingly frustrated in their efforts to compete for shoppers’ dollars in online shopping in an Amazon-dominated environment. Here’s how they can survive — and compete — against the online retail colossus.

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“I really believe in the laziness of the human species — given a chance, we will optimize for the shortest path from A to B”

quote from Hemant Mohapatra, Partner, Lightspeed

The projections are out for e-commerce sales for 2021, and as hard as it is to believe, Amazon will up its share significantly? What does this mean for the company, for other major retailers, and for all of us?

Amazon logo on a phone screen.
Amazon logo on a phone screen.
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New research shows consumers are increasingly not seeing brand name products as being any better than their private label counterparts

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The latest research shows that Americans are not using voice shopping in large numbers and that many are hesitant, even hostile to the concept. Still, it could yet become a major new sales channel for online commerce.

Smart speaker
Smart speaker
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David Wyld ( is a Professor of Strategic Management at Southeastern Louisiana University. He is a noted business consultant and writer.

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