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“It’s a democracy…if you can keep it.”

— — Benjamin Franklin

“The chief business of the American people is business.”

— — Calvin Coolidge


There are lists that one aspires to be on — as individuals, as companies, and even as countries — and there are lists you don’t want…

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Inflation. You can’t turn on the TV without hearing about it. You can’t go to the grocery store without seeing it. You can’t have a conversation with family, friends, or colleagues without the subject coming up. Today, there seems to be no bigger story or pressing concern — well, except…

Why Word of Mouth is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

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Recent research has shown an almost complete disconnect between what marketing execs think “works” and what really works to actually make consumers buy their products or services. Despite all the emphasis on new media and new ways of marketing, satisfied, talkative customers are still your best promotional tool today! …

A Unique Strategy Being Employed by Retailers to Hide Their Supply Chain Woes

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Nothing in the retail environment is random. When it comes to big box stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc., major chains arrange their stores in very purposeful ways. The goal, of course, is simple: To have you buy more! Decades of solid research into consumer behavior informs how most retailers —…

A Look at the Brand Proliferation Today Across the Hotel Industry

Across the Hospitality Industry, the Major Hotel Brands Have Been Proliferating Their Offerings Under New Brands. Is It Possible to Have Too Many Brands in Today’s Fast-changing Lodging Environment?

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Your brand. There is no bigger resource for your company than its identity. And for most companies, their brand — singular…

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Wow! It is one tough time to be in charge of people in any organization today! Each and every day on your drive into work, one cannot help but see the signs of the times, as they are everywhere! Seemingly every business, small and large alike, not only has a…

What You Can Learn from Patagonia’s Marketing Fail



If you are at all involved in marketing anything, then you’ve been there. Whether you are marketing a product, a service, a hospital, a political candidate, or a university, you’ve been there. We’ve all been in a conference room with a group of people with a task of, well, creating…

Why the Sun is Rising on Solar Energy Today

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As a strategic management professor and consultant, I have had the opportunity to be in “the room where it happens” on many occasions. Through the years, I have been in the conference rooms and board meetings where corporate leaders have worked through complex issues to make decisions that were far…

A look at the winners and loser in the battle over chicken sandwiches

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There are certain subjects that will always spark a heated debate these days in any setting where two or more adults are gathered — at the office, out socially, or in colleges and universities. Sure, things like former President Trump or who belongs in the College Football Playoff will cause…

David Wyld

David Wyld ( is a Professor of Strategic Management at Southeastern Louisiana University. He is a noted business consultant and writer.

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