Don’t be misled on today’s historic, but not apocalyptic, inflation numbers

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Inflation. You can’t turn on the TV today or visit your favorite news site without seeing a story touting just how bad the inflation situation is currently. Of course, you see the very real effects of inflation in your life everyday, as everything, from your fast food meal to gas…

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Introduction: “The Show”

As a strategic management professor and consultant, one of my favorite lessons to convey is one of the great rituals of retailing. This is when someone — or someones — important comes from the corporate headquarters far, far away to actually visit your store. What transpires — always — is…

Tips for Selling in the “Brave New World”

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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed so many aspects of the way we not only do business, but the way we carry out our daily lives. Study after study shows that working from home (WFH) will continue to be a part of many, if not most, of our work lives. There…

Be open to seeing the comet coming straight for you and your business!

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The movie of this holiday season didn’t turn out to be yet another reboot of The Matrix or one more Spiderman sequel. It didn’t turn out to be the next Disney animated musical made for young and old alike. No, the film that generated the most buzz wasn’t even a…

The Young Demo of Online Sports Betting

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Gambling. Wagering. Betting. Playing a hunch. Taking a side. Picking a winner. Whatever term you use to describe placing a bet on a sporting event, the growth of the sports gambling industry is today probably the surest bet of all!

Today, you don’t have to be a bookie on the…

When is unlimited not unlimited?

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Unlimited. It is a buzzword that sells very well today in the minds of American consumers, especially the significant subset of the population that is enticed by the “All you can eat” mentality! Every month or so, at least in the heady pre-COVID-19 days before March 2020 when buffets somewhat…

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What if? Some of the greatest innovations known to mankind have been started with someone — or a group of someones — simply asking that simple question. And yet, so many times in organizations, of all sizes and across all industries, too many times the response is “We can’t possibly…

What the success of Lego’s adult strategy can teach all of us on how to be better marketers

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Legos. A short time ago, if one thought of Legos as an adult, it may not have been in a positive way. Either you were looking at your child’s Christmas list that had a way too expensive Lego set on it or you were stepping on a Lego brick left…

How a South Dakota hockey team’s effort to give money to public school teachers to help them with their expenses went from a “feel good” story to a case study in what not to do as a promotional event for your company



As a strategic management consultant and professor, I…

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Ah, the holidays! You know what that means. Christmas cards. Christmas parties. Christmas bonuses (for you lucky people!). And yes, lots of ads. Lots and lots of ads — everywhere. From watching your favorite TV show to listening to your favorite podcast to driving down the road to simply walking…

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